Client Testimonials

Residential Complex - San Marco

"We appointed Colt Security as our security service supplier in January 2013. Our complex was 12 years old and we needed a supplier who would work with us in improving our security systems and procedures. Colt Security was referred to us by a neighbouring complex.
What struck us about them was their “no nonsense” approach to not only security issues in general but also to those that affected San Marco and the way they set about maximising the effectiveness of our complex security.
Colt not only offer a guarding service but also provide a proactive service with the maintenance and upkeep of our perimeter security. These services are efficiently supported by a trained service team.
There have inevitably been a number of “security issues” which have presented themselves and these issues have been dealt with through regular and honest communication resulting in the timeous implementation of corrective measures when necessary.
The guards who have been placed at our complex are trained and efficiently implement an agreed list of standing orders. They often have to deal with a number of sensitive occurrences in the course of their duties."

Grantley College

"In early 2010 we decided to review our security arrangements. We interviewed a number of companies and found Colt to be most professional and cost effective company. Since May 2010 they have consistently provided an excellent service and helped us improve our security systems to adapt to the changing threats to help us keep our students, staff and property safe."

Robin Sandford
Operations Principal
Grantley College.

Kapara Insurance Brokers

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Ashleigh Home Owners Association

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