Project Management

How often does it happen that the installation of security technology happens as an afterthought and the building contractors are off the site, the architects received their payment, and all of a sudden more costs are incurred in chasing walls, repainting and rehabilitation?

All this happens because the security measures are not considered to be an integral part of the development of the property, or part of a retrofit or refurbishing of the property.

These costs are normally not allowed for.

Design, plan and execute.

Consider using our in-house project managers to ensure that the security measures and the requirements in respect of the installations are negotiated with your architects and building contractors.

It will ultimately save you a heap of money.

Not only do they discuss your requirements with you, but advise on the efficient installations of those technologies agreed on in a manner that integrates with the rest of the building process, without affecting the aesthetics at a later stage.

Reports and Gantt charts are created to track the progress of the projects.