POS Systems & Video Overlays

Point of Sale
you would be surprised to see how inexpensive it can be! We can supply hardware and software, scanning solutions, pole displays and printers at very good prices. And then we do not sell cheap junk - just inexpensive solutions!

Data Mining
we can integrate your POS with a CCTV system that will simply blow your socks off! How about having the ability to interrogate your sales details on a daily basis and have that seamlessly linked to your CCTV footage - all at the click of one keystroke?

There are some who say (with apology to the guys from Top Gear - but it was not their IP, they just adopted it!) that integrated data mining on CCTV is done by means of accessing non-integrated databases... Now how dumb is that? Look at the pics, click on the POS search icon and voila! Your detail is there!

Oh, by the way
you can see the transaction play off in front of your eyes with the POS detail appearing as an overlay over the CCTV footage! Is it expensive? Oh yes! But worth it!

We have a product range that caters for all the requirements you may need. Please contact us for more details, and watch this space for further developments!